GrowMore Recruitment Awarded ‘A’ Rating in Third-Party Risk Management Assessment!

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We’re Thrilled to Share Exciting News!

At GrowMore Recruitment, safeguarding our clients’ data and maintaining trust are not just part of our mission—they’re embedded in our DNA. In an era where digital security is as vital as the talent we recruit, we’ve levelled up our cyber resilience!

We’ve just completed a comprehensive Third-Party Risk Management assessment with RiskRecon, and the results are in: GrowMore Recruitment has been awarded an ‘A’ rating across all domain ratings—Software Patching, Application Security, Web Encryption, Network Filtering, Breach Events, System Reputation and DNS Security.

This top-tier ‘A’ rating places us among the elite in cybersecurity health, reflecting our unwavering commitment to secure operations and client service excellence. With such recognition, we’re not just pledging top-notch recruitment services—we’re ensuring that every interaction with GrowMore is built on a foundation as secure as the future we help build for your company.

Higher ratings are more than a badge; they’re a promise. A-rated firms like us average a 4x lower frequency of breach events compared to F-rated ones, which means when you partner with GrowMore, you’re choosing a fortress to protect your most valuable asset—your people.

Let’s celebrate this milestone in our continuous journey towards cyber excellence. Here’s to raising the bar in recruitment and cybersecurity!