Quality Assurance

GrowMore is committed to the highest standards of recruitment. We ensure that every process is sound and well-organized, so you can rest assured knowing Growmore will provide only top quality candidates for your company’s needs!

Team Based Recruitment

Recruitment companies often hire individual consultants to look after their individual clients and individually remunerate accordingly.

We have a totally different approach at GrowMore. We prefer to combine the knowledge and strength of our entire team in order to meet client outcomes! In essence, we make sure there is one whole cohesive unit dedicated towards your needs with everyone being compensated as members within it.

Innovation, creativity and passion are at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in being recognised as solution providers who give our clients a competitive edge through innovation-driven solutions that are both creative yet practical for any business challenge or opportunity. Our people have passion, energy , enthusiasm – it goes without saying that we act with honesty & integrity! The team also has many years of national or international experience.

Our Marketing & Technology Approach

We use our knowledge and experience to promote you as an employer of choice in the market. Using all available channels we can quickly reach out across important markets to make sure you have access to new talent locally, nationally or even internationally if necessary.

We are proud to say that our individual consultant networks form a large part of the talent pool we present. We share their expertise amongst team members so they can help you succeed!

When it comes to recruiting, GrowMore Marketing has your back. Our team is engaged for each drive and will use all of our resources—graphic designers, copywriters, social media managers and digital marketing specialists to help you improve your brand identity within today’s marketplace while bringing fresh talent to you.

In addition our Grow More Technology business unit provides real time technical expertise to our recruitment team members including the implementation of custom made applicant tracking system flows which improve hiring speed, streamline process and enhance employee experience.

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